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Chogoria Girls has been working on a Five-Year Strategic Plan. The plan's main objective is to guide the school through its developmental experiences as smoothly as possible, and with optimal benefit. The CGHS Principal, Mrs. Gitonga explains,

"Such a plan gives direction. It ensures that you are all working towards a definite, common goal. It creates teamwork and focus. There is prioritization of needs, which leads to the best allocation and utilization of resources. That way, you end up with better results than if you had no plan.”
The man coordinating this very involving project, Mr. D.M Gitonga says the plan is ready, and only awaits scrutiny by other stake holders before getting officially launched. He adds that it is a highly realistic and feasible plan;

“In fact the school has already started implementing some of the areas earmarked in the plan like the upgrading of the water resource, the waste disposal project, the bakery (which produces bread for the school) and the school beautification programme.”

Mr. Gitonga extends his appreciation to the committee that has worked tirelessly since last year, to develop this crucial tool for the well being of the school. He also thanks the teachers for patiently going through the whole plan and contributing in areas they felt required further input.

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