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Chogoria Girls High School is a National girls’ school, situated in Tharaka Nithi County, Maara District, Mwimbi Division, Chogoria location, on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya.  It is 200km North of Nairobi and 40km south of Meru Town.

The school was started in 1922 by a missionary from the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, Dr Clive Irvine, who also founded the church and the hospital.  It started as a preparatory grade mixed school.  In 1952 it achieved the title of Primary School and Junior School.
In 1953, the Junior School was terminated and Intermediate School was introduced.  The school continued with its co-education that had its classrooms at Chogoria Boys Secondary and dormitories at Chogoria Girls Secondary School.  All this time its catchment area was the whole of the old Meru and Embu Districts.

In 1965, the idea of a secondary school came into the minds of the local people and the intermediate section was slowly phased out.  In the same year the girls joined the boys to carry on with co-education.
In 1968 the school headmaster decided to separate boys from girls and this gave birth to Chogoria Girls Secondary School with its first head teacher Mrs. Charity Mugo.

In 1969, the girls moved to the present 20-acre site.  The physical facilities were quite inadequate but through the efforts of the local community, the P.C.E.A church and assistance from the government and parents the school grew. It continued as a single stream (160 students) up to 1979 when the second stream was born.  In 1980 the Advanced level (‘A’ level), Arts stream was started. 
From 1980 the school continued with two streams in ordinary level ‘O’ and one stream ‘A’ level Arts.  The ‘A’ level stream was phased out in 1989, when the education system in Kenya was changed to 8-4-4 system. The third stream in` O’ level was then started in 1990.
In 1996 the fourth stream was started and soon after (2001) the fifth stream was born.
The student population as at November 2011 stands at 930, with 53 trained teachers (7 of whom are employed by the Board of Governors) and 49 non-teaching staff members.

Physical Facilities
Through the efforts of parents and Harambee, the following facilities have been put up.
1 Administration Block.
22 classrooms
12 teacher’s Houses
5 laboratories
1 Home science Block
1 large library
7 Tutorial rooms
2 computer labs
1 Teachers preparatory room
1 Generator 80 KVA
1 Dinning Hall /Kitchen
12 Dormitories
2 storied dormitory.

Future plans:
1. Renovation of the old dormitories (some were built in 1920s). two storied dormitories have been put in place.

2. Construction of staff houses.
3. Construction of a multipurpose hall.
4. Construction of a swimming pool.

Curriculum: 8:4:4
The school offers the following subjects
1. Languages

- English
- Kiswahili
- French
- German
2. Mathematics
3. Sciences

- Biology
- Chemistry
` - physics

4. Technical subjects

- Agriculture
- Home Science
- Business Studies
- Computer Studies
- Music

5. Humanities

- Geography
- History
-Christian Religious Education

The school has a total of 47 T.S.C teachers, 6 BOG teachers. They are hardworking, committed and determined to steer the school into high academic standards.

There are 33 BOG employees (Non-Teaching and supportive staff) who are also very committed to their work. Occasionally the school offers casual jobs to the surrounding community.

The K.C.S.E performance has steadily improved since 1993.


The following subjects were rated as shown below:
Position 1

Position 2
Home science

Co- Curriculum Activities.
Girls are actively involved in co-curriculum activities. They also have comfortably and competently competed at National levels in some activities such as drama, music and science congress.

Core Values

Reverence for God


Hard work





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